Montes Apenninus

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Montes Apenninus

Post by danfleetwood »

The Moon looked spectacular in the late evening sunshine yesterday so I decided to aim at one of my favourite lunar regions – Montes Apenninus. Due to the heatwave the seeing wasn’t the best however, after admiring the view on screen my patience paid off when the atmospheric turbulence settled to give some sharper views. I captured 5,000 frames and stacked the best 50% of them to produce this image.
Montes Apenninus 180721a.jpg
Montes Apenninus 180721a.jpg (242.27 KiB) Viewed 176 times

Celestron Nexstar 4SE
ZWO 290mm mono camera

Processed using; Autostakkert and Pixinsight.

Many thanks,

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Re: Montes Apenninus

Post by jeff.stevens »

A beautiful image that’s transports me into a spacecraft hovering over the lunar surface. Nice to see Cassini just towards the right edge of the frame.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Montes Apenninus

Post by Brian »

Very nice Dan :D

I have held for a long time the notion that a 4-inch aperture is magical for lunar imaging 8)

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Re: Montes Apenninus

Post by SkyBrowser »

You just caught the Hadley Rille there, south-east of Palus Putredinis, and thus the Apollo 15 landing site. A15 launched about 50 years ago (late July 71), which is quite a long time!, but I remember it as if it were yesterday!
Ian Papworth
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Re: Montes Apenninus

Post by Ian Papworth »

Nice image Dan. I must do some more lunar imaging myself.
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