wake-up call

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michael feist
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wake-up call

Post by michael feist »

Wakeup Call

Deep asleep but just last night.
The cat awoke me with a fright
I thank you cat for doing that.
For when I opened the garden door
I was presented by thick clouds galore
But therein was one one huge gap
And Taurus , Pleiades, and Mars
and Uranus too amongst the stars.

Uranus obs. #1501 regards mike [the watcher]
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Re: wake-up call

Post by RMSteele »

What a charming episode, well expressed Mike. It has been so cloudy here night after night, it's depressing. Just finished a face-time call to my son in Australia. He had his telescope out and I was directing him round the sky from Mars to Jupiter and Saturn in real time, telling him what eyepieces to use. Crazy! Best wishes, Bob
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Re: wake-up call

Post by nigeljoslin »

Had a good run of clear nights here...until last night. Alas, the coming of the Orionids peak time has heralded a thick quilt of cloud....set to stay for a good few days too, if the BBC are to be believed.

Never mind, a few early nights will be good for me....Emoji 8)
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