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Popular Astronomy Magazine - November-December 2017
See what's in the November-December 2017 edition of 'Popular Astronomy' magazine. Click the cover to find out.

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Virtual Sky

December 2017 

The sky as seen from the latitude of London (51° 50')  in mid December, at 22h UT (GMT). The sky appears the same at the start of the month at 23h UT and at the end of the month at 21h UT. To find out what is on view in this period, check out the latest Sky Diary from Popular Astronomy.

The map is interactive, which means you can input your own location, date and time to check how the sky looks under different circumstances. (To do this, click on either the date or location to the top left of the map and then enter your own details in the window that appears).

If you'd like a description of this month's sky, with more details about the constellations on view, then go to our Young Stargazers' Sky Guide

Note: You can choose to view the sky from anywhere in the world, but view will be that for the time selected for your computer's current location. e.g. If you choose New York at 10pm but are in London, then the sky will be that for New York when it is 10pm in London. If you choose New York at 10pm and are in New York, then it will be for 10pm local time.

We use Virtual Sky, a customizable, browser-based planetarium, courtesy of Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network.