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Popular Astronomy Magazine - January-February 2018
See what's in the January-February 2018 edition of 'Popular Astronomy' magazine. Click the cover to find out.

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September-October 2014

September-October 2014


8 Observing occultations Mell Jeffery

12 The informed astronomer Malcolm E. Brown

19 Planetary imaging, part 3 Alan Clitherow

31 When the world spoke Martian David Williams


4 Past Pages Peter Grego
Off-planet observatories

5 AstroNews
Distant galaxy’s triple black hole surprise Amanda Doyle
Nearby dwarf galaxy ‘frozen in time’ Paul Sutherland
Coldest white dwarf discovered orbiting nearby star Amanda Doyle
Space shorts Peter Grego

10 Telescope Topics Ian Morison
Visual observations of the Moon, part 2

14 Amateur Scene Peter Wade
Icelandic light show / World Space Week 2014 / Who owns the Moon?
Moore legacy celebrated / A weekend under the stars of Norfolk
Astronomer badge success / Giles Galactic / Out and about

17 Cryptic cosmos Graham Sparrow

22 Space Exploration Helen Walker
New Horizons and Pluto
Getting into space getting easier
Stunning Saturn
Solar System round-up

27 Young Stargazers George Ford
From the Chief Stargazer Lucie Green
The day Earth escaped disaster Robin Scagell
Help! I don’t understand Magnitudes Robin Scagell
Observing project: Watching Delta Cephei Robin Scagell

33 Letters
Thoughts on colonising Mars
Parting shots? / A short but Swift response / Alignment tips

35 Section Reports
Springtime planetary summary
36 years of solar activity charted
Summer is PN season
Camelopardalids disappoint observers
Drawing on one’s resources
Graze and asteroid success for Phil

42 The Society Pages
Starting from Scratch—An SPA day of astronomy for beginners, 18 October 2014
SPA meetings

45 Sky Diary Peter Grego
Lunar occultations / Meteor notes Mell Jeffrey / Tony Markham

46 SPA contacts

47 Showcase
Members’ images of the skies


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