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Tue, 31 Oct 2017

Spooky nebulae

 Nebula IC63. Photo by Nick Hart

Nebula IC 63 in Cassiopeia. The bright star is Gamma Cassiopeiae

The sky is full of mysteries, but we've picked out a few that look particularly spooky for Halloween. All the pictures were taken by Nick Hart from his observatory in light-polluted Newport, South Wales. 

IC1396 in Cepheus. Photo by Nick Hart

A ghostly apparition in Cepheus – the nebula IC 1396

Nebula NGC1977. Photo by Nick Hart

Among the stars at centre of NGC 1977 in Orion is a figure covered with a sheet to scare us

IC5070. Photo by Nick Hart

A witches' cauldron? No, the nebula IC 5070 in Cygnus.

All photos copyright Nick Hart


Added by: Robin Scagell