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2014 Geminids : Further reports

At the time of writing, the IMO activity curve for the Geminids http://imo.net/live/geminids2014/ is showing two main peaks:

- between approx 00h and 06h UT on Dec 14

- between approx 12h and 18h UT on Dec 14

For reference, the time of maxima predicted in advance was Dec 14d 07h (BAA) and Dec 14d 12h UT (IMO).

For both peaks, the ZHR was in the 110-120 range, wuth the ZHR exceeding 70 from midway through Dec 13 to around the end of Dec 14. These figures may yet be revised of course as more data is added.

Bill Ward (Kilwinning, nr Glasgow) monitored the Geminid peak as part of his routine radio observation of meteors during December. Bill makes use of forward scatter from the GRAVES system in France.

Bill's results, reporting the numbers of meteor "echoes" detected in each 60 minute interval, are shown in this plot, with red squares representing the highest number of detections and blue the lowest.

The rise in activity during Dec 13-14 can be clearly seen.

The detection of meteor echoes via forward scatter is subject to similar factors to those seen by visual observers. The drop off in rates during the middle of the day on the 13th and 14th is due to the Geminid radiant becoming low in the sky rather than due to a drop in Geminid rates. Hence plots such as these are better at showing the day to day changes in radio meteor rates than in showing any hour to hour changes.


John Tipping (Teggs Nose, nr Macclesfield) reported a good deal of cloud during the evening of Dec 13, but he did manage to image two meteors using a Canon 1100d F 4.5 10 sec ISO 6400 18mm lens. His images are shown below:

Sporadic meteor near the Geminid radiant, imaged at 22:42:36 UT on Dec 13.
Geminid meteor in Taurus, imaged at 23:41:28 UT on Dec 13.












Alex Pratt (Leeds) also suffered significant cloud interference but did capture images of two bright Geminids during the early evening of Dec 14th via his SE facing video camera as they moved out of the camera's field of view. The images are reproduced below:

Mag -3.4 Geminid imaged at 18:55:58 UT on Dec 14th.
Mag -3.2 Geminid imaged at 19:32:25 UT on Dec 14th.

Added by:  Tracie Heywood