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2014 Orionids

The UK weather proved rather unhelpful for the 2014 Orionids. 

Many areas endured a long run of cloudy nights, although some eastern and southern areas had clear skies on the evening of Oct 21st.

Graham Winstanley (Bassingham, Lincs) observed between 2313UT and 0013UT (LM 5.4), and recorded 1 Orionid, 2 Taurids and 3 sporadics.

David Scanlan (Romsey, Hampshire) observed between 1830UT and 2200UT (LM 5.0), and recorded 1 Orionid and 5 sporadics - be aware, of course, that the Orionid radiant only rises above the horizon at around 21h UT and so Orionid meteors would only have been observable in the final hour.

Overall, it seems that it was a below average year for the Orionids, with results reported to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) indicating a peak ZHR of around 15 (compared with a more normal 25), as is shown in this activity curve:

Added by:  Tracie Heywood