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Fireball Reports from 2014 Jan-Mar

2014 Jan 1st  03:53 GMT :  

Abel Benito (Co Mayo, Ireland) reported a mag -3 fireball of 2 sec duration in his northern sky, with two flares in brightness, one right after appearing and another at the end

Colours: green, blue, white

2014 Jan 2nd  11:32 GMT :  

Anthony Mallon (St Andrews) reported a  possible daylight fireball with a 1-2 sec duration in his north eastern sky, descended from altitude 40 deg down to altitude 10 deg with a fairly shallow angle of descent (estimated 30 degrees). Two fragments were visible began to fade but were then obscured by a small cloud. He described their colour and brightness as being similar to that of the Moon when seen in the daytime sky.

2014 Jan  4th  20:16 GMT :  

Bill Bimson (Liverpool) reported a bright fireball, possibly mag -10, descending vertically downwatds (alt 35 deg to alt 25 deg) in his WSW sky. It had a duration of 2-3 sec, was bluish-white in colour and left a very short lived train.

2014 Jan 18th  20:19 GMT :

Lindsay Nolan (Northamptonshire) reported a  "huge fireball at a trajectory of about 40 degrees heading towards the east", adding that it was turquoise pink and orange and had a long tail. 

Reports elsewhere on the internet revealed that this fireball was also seen from the Netherlands. Despite much of the UK being affected by cloud cover, there are reports of the fireball being seen from Cheshire, Oldham, Bedfordshire, Northumberland, Leicestershire, Hull and Norfolk. Many of these fireball reports cnbe found on the Armagh Fireballs page

2014 Feb 15th  18:30 GMT :

Michael Bonnin (Wells, Somerset), Louise & Ivor Saunders (Saltash, Cornwall), Neil Mortimer (Devizes) and Terry White (Southampton) reported a bright fireball seen in the evening twilight. Further details of this fireball can be found at . Reports for this fireball that were submitted to the Armagh fireballs page can be found at

2014 Feb 17th  20:09 GMT :

Damien Wetherley (Thetford, Norfolk) reported  "A very bright and low streak was seen at a WSW direction from my location above. Travelling in a diagonal direction downward to the right" , with a path moving from the Taurus/Eridanus border into Cetus.

2014 Feb 27th   ~ 18:15 GMT :

Stan Armstrong reported a fireball seen at approx 18:18 GMT while travelling from Guildford to Crawley. He described it as being bright white and dropping vertically down from around altitude 45degrees.

Ross Holland (Brandon, Suffolk) reported a fireball seen at about 18:10 GMT. The fireball was heading in a SW direction. He added that the fireball was also seen by a work colleague in Norfolk.

2014 Mar 12th  06:13 GMT :

A bright fireball was seen in bright pre-sunrise twilight by Paul Wallace (near Dumfries) and Kevin Boyle (Stoke on Trent) and Jason Bates (near Newport). Further details of this fireball can be found at : .

Added by:  Tracie Heywood