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2014 Quadrantids

2014 Quadrantids – good for the lucky few

The Quadrantids peaked in moon-free skies with the narrow activity peak predicted for around 19h UT on Jan 3rd.

Unfortunately, the UK weather wasn’t cooperative and most areas were clouded out.

However, a few observers did get some breaks around this time and, despite the observed rates being restricted by the shower’s low radiant altitude,

David Scanlan (Hampshire) saw 14 Quadrantids and 3 sporadics in 1hr43min (LM 5.0).

Robin Scagell was able to image two Quadrantids using a Canon 40D camera at a focal length of 20 mm and a speed of ISO 3200. A composite showing the two meteors is shown here. The brighter meteor appeared at 20:52 UT. The fainter upper meteor appeared at 21:18 UT.

After midnight, the radiant was higher in the sky but the underlying activity of the shower itself was dropping off. Tom Banks, (Cheshire) observed for approx 2 hours (01:00 to 03:00 UT) and saw 18 Quadrantids and 6 sporadics (LM 5.3). 

Bill Ward (Glasgow), who only had clear skies between 05:00 and 05:30UT, recorded 5 Quadrantids and 1 sporadic. 

The IMO activity curve, can be found at , and suggests that this was a good year for Quadrantid rates.

Added by:  Tracie Heywood