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Fireball Reports from 2012 November

November was a fairly quiet month for fireball reports - I suspect that many observers are wary of submitting reports during the first week of November due to the risk of mis-identifying fireworks.

Below is a summary of UK fireballs reported during November :

Graham Holyfield (Fryup, N Yorks) reported a very bright white fireball with a "very limited tail" at 23:30 GMT on Nov 8. This was seen heading down to the horizon in his north western sky.

Alex Pratt (Leeds) captured a number of fireballs during the month using his video system. The most impressive was a mag -7 northern Taurid fireball, recorded at 23:54:20 GMT on Nov 8. The negative of the image is shown below :

A mag -5 fireball was seen at approx 19:24 GMT on Nov 10 by Graham Gilbert (near Edinburgh) and by Jacqueline Sinclair (Burntisland, Fife). Both reported it to be heading in a rough north to south direction (from the just north of the Pleiades to Cassiopeia in the case of Graham) and having a duration of several seconds. Graham also noted that it broke into 2 distinct equal size pieces, each lasting about 1 second

Jacqueline also reported a fireball from 2-3 mins before the above one. This was similar in appearance and also had a "huge sparkly tail" but was travelling in a more west to east direction

David Scanlan (North Baddesley, Hampshire), reported a mag -5 fireball seen at 18:02 GMT on Nov 29. This was heading from Cassiopeia towards Auriga. He describes it as having "a bright golden, orange colouring to it. No signs of fragmenting or breaking up. Medium speed with approximately 3-4 second train. Simply faded out"

Another on-line report has been found which might possibly be of the same object. This was from an observer in Dublin who saw a bright fireball in the eastern sky at approx 18:10 GMT.

David's "sketch" showing the direction of the fireball is shown below :

Any further sightings of these or different fireballs (meteors of magnitude -3 and brighter) would be welcomed by the Meteor Section. 

Advice on what to record and where to report to  can be found at :

Added by:  Tracie Heywood