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Fireball Reports from 2012 September

The longer nights of September, together with some more favourable weather, led to an increase in fireball reports during September.

David Ashley (Birmingham) reported a fireball seen at approx 11:20pm on Sep 2. His description of the object was "lasted a few seconds, it was large and bright in colour - showing a yellow/ purple type trace"

Nick Thomas (Penrith, Cumbria), Philip Carden (Winsford, Cheshire) and "astroeddie" (Hartlepool) reported a bright fireball seen at approx 21:30 GMT (22:30 BST) on Sep 5. This fireball was possibly also seen by Anthony Clarke (Horsham, West Sussex). Astroeddie described it as having a "VERY bright Orange tail and white hot core, ... very slow moving, lasting 5 seconds". In addition, there are also numerous reports on other websites from observer locations ranging from Kent to Cumbria of this fireball. The fireball appears to have been heading in a general south to north direction (some observers report SE to NW ; others report SW to NE). 

Steve Blacklock (Hardwicke, Gloucester) reported a bright fireball at 2040 BST (1940GMT) on Sep 17, possibly of mag -8. He described it as "Very large bright white in colour and broke into several pieces before it disappeared". There are several reports on other websites from observer locations ranging from Lincolnshire to Devon that probably tie in with this fireball. Most describe it as heading in a general E to W direction and having a duration of several seconds

Tom Redmayne (Lincs) reported a fireball at approx 1923 BST (1823 GMT) on Sep 19, providing the description "The object appeared to be over the North Sea off the Lincolnshire coast. It was just becoming dark and it was still very easy to see against the pale sky as it was so bright. The smaller fragments were seen falling away and disappearing as the larger part carried on and then too disappeared. The angle of descent was quite steep ... Fragmentation: One large mass with 5 or 6 smaller pieces falling away beneath it". There are also numerous reports of this fireball on other websites from locations across eastern England

Yuri Naraine (East Ham, London) reported a bright meteor of mag -2 at 0100 BST on Sep 20

The slow moving long duration fireball at approx 2157 GMT (2257 BST) on Sep 21 was undoubtedly the highlight of the month. Alastair McBeath's preliminary analysis and a selection of observer comments can be found at www.popastro.com/meteor/reports/report.php 
The SPA received reports of this fireball from Paul Buglass (Rufforth Airfield, near York), Paul White (Royton, Lancs), david Graham (Barton, N Yorks), Andrew Mickleburgh (Cleethorpes, Lincs), Brian Bacon (Maltby, S Yorks), Jim Sunney (York), Catherine Coley (Clows Top, Worcs), Helena Charlton (Pudsey, W Yorks), Gary Anderson (Livingston, W Lothian), Alan Laing (Livingston, W Lothian), Ian Bowles (Castlewellan, Co Down), R Parker & M O'Reilly (Tiverton, Cheshire), Kate West (Sheffield), Mark Thomas (Edinburgh), Susan Wilkinson (Stoke on Trent), Christopher Wilson (Nottingham), Peter Donovan (Manchester), Philip & Rebecca Anthony (Newport, Shropshire), D Smith (Morpeth, Northumberland), Andy Cunliffe (Kirkcaldy, Fife), Crispin Hoult (Stirling), Laurence Collins (Somerset?), David Allan & Claire Robertson (St Davids, Perthshire), Peter Blackwell (Clitheroe, Lancs), G Jordan (Northwich, Cheshire), Chris Reeve (Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway), Lee Scott (Blyth, Northumberland), Ben Jones (Middleton, N Yorks), Philip Owell (Crewe), Richard Bargh (Chesterfield), Mike Mastons (Hull), Jane Cargill (Jarrow, Tyne & Wear), John Cross (Preston, Lancs), Ernest Johnstone (Stanley, Co Durham), Gloria Latham (Durham), Philip Powell (Crewe), Clare Wood (Cheslyn Hay, W Midlands), Paul (St Helens, Merseyside), Adam Smith (Waterloo, Perthshire), Patricia Newton (Wigton, Cumbria), Kathleen Husband (Longforgan, Tayside), Niki Hodges (Lichfield, Staffs), Ian Keane (Tullibody, Clackmannanshire), Mark Heritage (Edinburgh), Tony Quinn (Great Crosby, Merseyside), Alan (Cheshire), David Endsor (Stockport), Wendy Holt (Preston, Lancs), Bethan (Corwen, Conwy), John Partridge (Golborne, Lancs), Keith Gilliver (Measham, Derbyshire), Pauline Tilbury (Dumfries), Steve & Pat Berry (Scunthorpe), Hannah Bayman (Newcastle upon Tyne), Thomas heaton (Dumfries & Galloway), John Kimmins (Chester le Street, Co Durham),  Mr & Mrs Roberts and Robert Schofield and possibly also by Donald Mackenzie (Achiltibuie near Ullapool, Ross-Shire).

A fireball of at least mag -5 and duration 5-10 sec at approx 20h BST (19h GMT) on Sep 24 was reported by Geoff Burt (Clanfield Observatory, Hants) and by Emma Henderson and Neil D (M3 motorway, near Southampton). Emma and Neil described it as "very bright and left behind it a red trail of fire which when it entered the atmosphere burnt away to only the fire trail in the sky until that also vanished ... the tail was like a very thin triangle shape which became less bright at the tip and brighter and more intense towards the bright fireball".

Added by:  Tracie Heywood