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Sun, 26 Apr 2015 - Bright UK fireball on Sunday 26th April

This fireball, of around mag -10, appeared at 22:10 BST (21:10 GMT) on Sunday evening and was widely seen across the UK with early visual reports to the SPA being received from Susan Cochrane-Brown (Edinburgh), Steve Magness (Edinburgh), J Griff (Southport) and Claire Manners (Embleton, Northumberland). Claire also reports that the fireball was seen in the north western sky by a friend in Co Durham.

In addition, Richard Fleet (Wilcot Hants) captured this image of the fireball low in his northern sky.

This video of the fireball has been posted on-line by Graham Roche (Dublin)

With skies having been clear over most of the UK and Ireland, there were many other visual reports of this fireball, from locations including Rochdale, Wrexham, Isle of Man, Livingston, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Portpatrick, Castlereagh, Lancaster, Haverfordwest, Shrewsbury and Staffordshire.

A "heat map" showing the locations from which the fireball was reported is  here

Many reports describe the fireball fragmenting near the end of its path. Orange and Green were the most reported colours.

Further reports are still welcome. You can submit your report via the SPA's  easy to use fireball report form

Initial analyses suggested that the fireball's atmospheric trajectory started near the coast of north eastern Ireland and headed in a roughly north easterly direction.

More images, collected by UKMON, can be seen  here  , along with their latest analysis of the fireball's trajectory, which reveals a steep angle of descent.


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