Useful websites and books

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does contain the website addresses I have used myself and I think might be useful to you for finding out further information on solar, aurora and equipment suppliers.

1, SpaceWeather:

2, Solarham:

3, Big Bear Solar Observatory:

4, Zurich Sunspot Classification:

5, McIntosh Sunspot Group Classification (Modified Zurich):

6, Tilting Sun (software):

7, Peter Meadows (amateur solar observer):

8, How to make a solar filter (short video – The Sky at Night): (be sure to follow the instructions carefully)

9, (loads of stuff about all eclipses including solar):



10, SPA Aurora Section:

11, AuroraWatch UK:


12, First Light Optics (solar filters):

13, Baader Astro Solar Safety Film (First Light Optics):

14, Telescope House (solar filters):

15, Thousand Oaks (solar filters):

16, Lunt:

17, Solarscope:

18, Coronado (Meade Instruments):


“How to Observe the Sun Safely” by Lee Macdonald, 2012. £24.99. Springer

“Observing the Sun” by Eric Strach. Liverpool Astronomical Society, 1992. Pp 10, £1.50 (softback).

‘”The Sun in Hydrogen Alpha” by Eric Strach. Liverpool Astronomical Society, 1992. Pp 11, £1.50 (softback).