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Clavius in oil

Observational drawings have been received from Steve Bush (Vallis Alpes, 10 May), Peter Grego (Davy, 9 June / Eratosthenes, 9 & 21 July / Pythagoras, 13 July), Dale Holt (Prom. Agassiz, 9 June / Agrippa & Godin, 7 July), Louis and Rebecca Palmer (Mare Serenitatis to Mare Nectaris, 9 April). Many excellent lunar images have been sent in by Mike Brown, Larry Todd and Tim Withers. Graham Sparrow has recently sent in pictures of several of his oil paintings depicting lunar features—featured here is Graham’s wonderful oil study of the spectacular crater Clavius in the Moon’s southern highlands. Depictions like this are really inspirational—thanks Graham!

Added by:  Graham Sparrow