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Dracula’s lunar lair

There’s been a steady stream of lunar observations and images. Observational drawings have been received from Peter Grego, Dale Holt, Sally Russell and Graham Sparrow, while Mike Brown, Jamie Cooper, John Dee, David Finnigan, David Scanlan and Larry Todd have sent in some superb lunar images. Additional material has also been received from BAA and ALPO members.

Our featured observation is by Dale Holt, who on 3 January 2012 at around 20:30 UT sketched the magnificent Montes Carpatus, the lunar Carpathian Mountains, directly from the live video image given by his Watec 120N vidcam attached to his 18-inch Newtonian. Seeing those jagged mountain shadows crossing the surface always gives me a shiver—thankfully it was sunrise over the Carpathians when Dale made his sketch, so any lunar vampires were safely tucked up in their soil!

Added by:  Graham Sparrow