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Comets Lovejoy (2013 R1) and Nevski (2013 V3), December 2013

Comet Lovejoy, C/2013 R1, is visible in the early evening sky and early morning sky.It is best seen pre-dawn, although at the start of December it rises after midnight.

View looking north-west at about 5.30 pm on 1 December. The area will be lower in the sky later in the month. Use the handle of the Plough to locate the area then refer to the detailed map two below.

General view looking east, at approximately 6 am. The comet is in Hercules, to the west of the bright star Vega. You will need binoculars to see it, at about 5th magnitude at the start of the month but fading as it moves away from Earth.

Here's a more detailed view of the track, showing stars down to magnitude 8.

Comet Nevski, C/2013 V3, has recently brightened considerably and is visible in the midnight sky in Leo at about 10th magnitude. This general view shows the sky at about 1 am.

Here's an enlarged view of the track, with stars to magnitude 8. Click to enlarge:

Maps produced using SkyMap