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Aurora August 2010 - May 2011

The Aurora season has got off to a quick start, thanks to a large coronal hole & 2 C3 eruptions from a sun spot directly facing earth.

Hopefully this bodes well for the season as the Sun gets more active.

I picked up this display at just after 0100 local on the 4/5 August. It lasted till 0300 local, when the background light got too bright.

It was also captured by Alan Tough from Elgin.

This photo was taken also on the 4/5 Aug by Lee Macdonald from the Galoway Astronomy Centre.

Cynthia Douglas managed to spot a weak aurora whilst in transit from Inverurie to Huntly on the 13/14 November.

It was a weak green arc about 60 degrees wide, and was the result of a coronal hole.


On the 6/7 Janury 2011 a coronal hole strike occured. The above is a panorama taken from my croft at Glenbarry, Banff. It is composed of 4 shots, and each exposure required 15 secs.

This photo was also taken on the 6/7 Jan 2011 by Mike Alexander of the Galloway Astronomy Centre.


A weak green glow was spotted by Alan Tough from Elgin on the 14/15 Feb 2011.

This was the result of a coronal hole.


A large coronal hole strike occured on the night of 1/2 Mar 2011.

Alan Tough of Elgin caught it nicely in this shot.

All I managed to see was a green glow behind the clouds.


I picked up a very weak glow on the northern horizon on the 7/8 from my croft in Glenbarry, Banffshire.


Alan Tough captured this image from Elgin on the 10/11 March 2011, the result of an x class flare.

I also managed to see some of this display from Glenbarry, Banff.


 It continued the next night 11/12 Mar 11 as seen by myself from Glenbarry, Banff. This arc was visible despite the moonlight and lasted all night.

It was also seen by Alan Tough from Elgin who took this photo.

While we were on dry land, Robin Scagell and a few SPA members were on board the Marco Polo sailing towards 70 n and the port of Svolvaer. Robin took this incredable shot with a fish-eye lens on the 11/12 Mar 11.

Another amazing shot from Robin on the 11/12 mar 11, showing the ship in the background.


Alan Tough took this shot from Elgin on the 3/4 April 2011, the result of a weak aurora causing a glow in the northern sky.


Alan Tough got these beams on the 6/7 April 11 from Elgin. It was caused by a strong negative field & a weak CME.


  A coronal hole causde this weak arc on the night of 30 Apr/ 1 May 11. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry, Banff.


The same stream was visible again on the 1/2 May 11. Again it was a quiet display.


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