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Aurora Aug 2015 to Jan 1 2016


2015 to 2016

Alan Tough took this spectacular shot of the aurora & NLC combined from his home in Elgin, Morayshire on the 15/16 Aug 2015.


I Caught the the same display from my croft in Glenbarry, Aberdeenshire, but while the cloud hid the NLC, I did get a Perseid.


A spectacular view of the aurora on the 9/10 September 2015, taken by Alan Tough from Lossiemouth beach.


On the 7th October 2015 a cornal hole mixed with a CIR impacted the Earth causing aurora as far south as southern England and active for 3 days.


This spectacular shot was taken by Mary Spicer in Tackley, Oxfordshire on the 7/8 October 2015. Not only the aurora, but a meteor as well.


This display was also seen by Roy Watson from his home in Kirkintilloch, just outside of Glasgow, who indicated he saw a display to 50degrees in height and very lively.


I had no contact on the 7th/8th because of heavy cloud & rain but it cleared the next night to give a green glow with red above. Photo taken from Glenbarry, NE Scotlanf on the 8th/9th October 2015


A very strange effect seen on the 8th/9th October. This was 30 degrees to the left of the main display on a bearing of 290 to 300dg. It was quite lively and had a rather odd shape. Not seen anything like it


On the 3rd/4th Nov 2015 a coronal hole strike started at 0400, and by 1830 it was well under way. This was taken from my croft in Glenbarry, Banff, NE Scotland at 2030, after that, the fog arrived.


On the 6th/7th Nov 2015 a CME added to the coronal hole giving a nice green glowing arc visible from northern Scotland. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry, Banffshire.


Alan Tough's view from Lossiemouth beach of the same event, with some cloud interferance


Another green arc, this time on the 8th/9th Nov 2015. After waiting so long for aurora, its like buses turning up in 3's. This was caused by a large coronal hole that was active for a week and was taken from my croft in Glenbarry, Banffshire.


Alan Tough caught the same display from Losiemouth beach before midnight on the 8th/9th Nov 2015


Alan Tough got this superb photo from Lossiemouth beach on the 10/11 Dec 2015.


On the 19th Dec 2015 a CME struck Earth at 1500UT. Although at first nothing much was seen, by the 20/21 the field had swung negitive, giving auroras as far south as London.

I had to wait until 0200 for the clouds to clear, when I saw an active 120dg wide green arc. Photo taken from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland.


This photo was taken just before midnight on the 20th by Robin Scagell from St Laurence Bay in Essex. It captures the aurora despite the light polusion.


An amazing photo from the square in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, taken by Hayley Keane onthe 20/21 Dec 2015.


Mary Spicer took this photo just catching the tip of the aurora from Tackley in Oxfordshire on the 20/21 December 2015.


A nice welcome to the New Year was the arrival of a CME and a strong negitive field. This created aurora displays that were picked up as far south as southern England.

This shot was taken on New Years eve by Alan Tough from Elgin and shows the size & activity of the display.


This shot just captures the aurora glow on the 31/1 and was taken by Mary Spicer from her home in Takley, Oxfordshire.


I had mixed fortunes. At first the cloud interfered, but after "the bells" the sky cleared and I got a beautiful display from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland until the Moon started to wash it out at about 0300UT.


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