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Aurora - Aug 2014 to May 2015


A stuning aurora on the night of 27/ 28 August 2014, captured by Alan Tough and taken from the Moray coast.


I caught a weak glow with a few rays on the 18th/19th October 2014 from my croft in Glenbarry. This was after a heavy rain and cloud had cleared so I may have missed the best of the display.


Alan Tough caught this display on the 23/ 24 December 2014, looking north towards Burghead & Lossiemouth. As you can see, cloud was a major problem.


My Christmas gift after the cloud cleared. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland on the 25/26 December 2014.


January was quiet, but this little display broke through on the 20/21 February 2015. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland.


Burghead lighthouse dominates this brief glimpse of the aurora on the last day of February. Taken by Alan Tough on the 28 Feb/01 Mar 2015


On the 17/18 March 2015, a CME struck the Earth at 04.30. By the time it got dark, the field had swung negitive and the display was visible as far south as northern France, although many on the east coast (including myself) were fogged out.

This spectacular photo by Mary Spicer on the 17th March from her garden in Tackley, Oxfordshire shows the light polusion being overpowered by a beautiful purple aurora.


At 22.00UT on the 9th Aptil 2015, a CME struck the Earth, and within a couple of hours I had this display as the clouds cleared from the north. It was very active with imbeded rays in a 90 degree arc & purple rays reaching 25 degrees. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry NE Scotland.


A nice little suprise on the night 15/16 April 2015, when this appeared. It was very dificult to make out, with the glow behind the clouds giving it away. A 30 sec exposure brought out all the colours. Taken from my croft at Glenbarry, Banff, NE Scotland.


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