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NLC Jun to Aug 2014

NLC 2014

The season has got off to a steady start. After seeing wisps over the Arctic on the 24 May, it has started to enlarge and spread south. My first report is from Alan Clitherow, but at 36,000 ft, he has a slight advantage.


A really nice view of "Geordie land"



Another super shot taken by Alan Clitherow from 32000 ft over Manchester on the 19/20 June 2014


Two photos taken 8 mins apart 5000 ft above Edinburgh on the 20/21 June 2014 by Alan Clitherow


Alastair McBeath saw a weak display on the 24/ 25 June 2014 from Morpeth, Northumberland.


I finally managed to break my duck on the 3/4th July 2014 when a gap in the clouds gave this nice display. Taken from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland


On July 6/7 the UK had mostly clear skies, and a massive sheet of NLC was visible over most of the country.

This superb photo was taken by Alastair McBeath from Morpeth in Northumberland.


I caught the same display from my croft in Glenbarry, nr Huntly, NE Scotland


Alan Tough also photographed the display from Lossiemouth Beach


I caught this display the very next day from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland(7/8 Jul 2014), very active, very bright and many types showing.  Exposure details, iso 800, f3.5 at 1/3 sec.


A fantastic panorama taken by Alan Clitherow, looking towards Leuchars, on the 11/12 July 2014


A beautiful photo of NLC reflecting in the sea at Lossiemouth beach, taken by Alan Tough on the 11/12 July 2014


NLC from Edinburgh airport, taken by Alan Clitherow, on the 14/15 July 2014


NLC from my croft in Glenbarry, NE Scotland on the 22/23 July 2014


Another display the next night (23/24 July 2014) but starting later, a possible indication of the season drawing to a close


Alastair McBeath saw an extensive display on the 27/28 July 2014 from his home in Morpeth, Northumberland.


Caught this little belt on the 5/6 Aug 2014 at 2230UT from my croft in Glenbarry, Banffshire.

Its size and lack of brightness are indicating the season is almost over. Exposure details- 2 sec @ f3.5- ISO 800

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