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SPA Convention 2015

The SPA's very popular biennial Convention is being held this year on 28 March, with the theme Europe in Space. The venue is the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge CB3 0HA. The programme is:

10:15–10:45 Dr Helen Walker (from RAL): Commanding a UK Satellite

11:30–12:30 Dr Lucie Green (from UCL): Europe's Journey to the Sun – Solar Orbiter

1:30–2:30 Prof. Monica Grady (from Open University): ExoMars

3:00–4:00 Fully booked The Sir Patrick Moore Lecture will be given by Prof. Ian Wright (from the Open University): Rosetta/Philae – Landing (many times) On a Comet

4:30–5:15 Prof. Tim O'Brien (from University of Manchester): The Moon and Beyond

In addition there will be trade stands and displays from the SPA sections. For more details please download the flyer for the event (350 kb PDF)

Admission is free of charge, and non-members are welcome, but admission to the Sir Patrick Moore Lecture is restricted to those with tickets only (now fully booked). Admission to the other talks is limited by the size of the auditorium and we cannot guarantee admission to any talk.



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Fri, 05 Jan 2018   - Early morning spectacular

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